Your Guide to Selecting, Purchasing Recieving, and Enjoying Your Kei Truck


We specialize in offering an exceptional range of Japanese Kei mini trucks, tailored for a variety of uses from agricultural tasks to urban delivery services. Our mission is to simplify the process of buying, importing, and delivering these compact and versatile vehicles directly to you, anywhere in the United States. Our selection includes highly efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly models, each meeting stringent Japanese standards for quality and performance. With, you're choosing a partner that handles all aspects of importing and delivery, ensuring a hassle-free experience from browsing our inventory to receiving your Kei truck.

Our Pricing

At, our goal is to make your purchase as straightforward as possible:

- Listed Prices: The cost you see for each Kei truck is for delivery to the port.
- Importing Handled: We manage all aspects of importing.
- Delivery Fees:
    - $1,000 for the East Coast
    - $600 for Western states

Delivery fees cover the journey from the port to your doorstep, ensuring your Kei truck arrives ready for action.

Quality Guaranteed

At, we prioritize your confidence and satisfaction with every Kei truck we offer. Each vehicle in our inventory undergoes a thorough inspection by our trusted team, ensuring it operates flawlessly and meets our high standards for quality. With our commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your Kei truck will arrive fully inspected and guaranteed to run without issues, providing reliable performance from the moment it's delivered. Experience the peace of mind that comes with purchasing from a team dedicated to delivering not just vehicles, but quality and reliability you can count on.

Ownership, Simplified

At, we ensure a smooth and efficient title transfer for your imported Kei truck:

- We're the Importer: Handling all import duties and compliance, simplifying the process.
- Title Transfer: We manage the documentation and legalities to transfer the vehicle title to you.

With our streamlined approach, gaining ownership of your Kei truck is straightforward and worry-free.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver reliable Kei trucks and empower more efficient and versatile transportation solutions.

Importing Details


Compliance with Import Regulations:

Kei trucks must meet the United States' import regulations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Vehicles over 25 years old are exempt from certain regulations, making them easier to import.

Shaken Inspection Records

Imported Kei trucks from Japan come with Shaken inspection records, ensuring they are well-maintained and meet Japan's rigorous safety and environmental standards.

Customs and Duties:

Upon arrival at the U.S. port, kei trucks are cleared through customs which includes the payment of import duties that is paid by us the importer.

Title and Registration:

After clearing customs, the vehicle is registered in the U.S., and a title is obtained. Our company, as the importer, assists in transferring the title to the buyer, ensuring all technical and legal aspects are managed properly.

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