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Honda Acty Kei Truck White | 660CC 2WD - 1999 (33k KM)

Honda Acty Kei Truck White | 660CC 2WD - 1999 (33k KM)

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Model / Year: 1999 

Body color: White

Miles: 33,000km

Transmission: Manual

Drive System: 2WD

Fuel: Gasoline 

Efficient 660cc Engine: At the heart of the 1999 Honda Acty Truck beats a robust 660cc engine, striking a perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency. Whether you're cruising urban streets or embarking on off-road adventures, this truck delivers reliable performance with an eco-friendly touch.

Manual Transmission: Take the reins of your driving experience with the manual transmission, allowing for precision shifts and adaptability to various driving conditions. The Acty Truck ensures a responsive and controlled ride, empowering you with the flexibility needed for different terrains.

2WD Capability with 3-Sided Opening: Despite being a 2WD, the Honda Acty Truck boasts a distinctive 3-sided opening design, setting a new standard for cargo accessibility. Effortlessly load and unload from multiple angles, enhancing the truck's practicality for diverse hauling tasks.

Mileage and Well-Maintained: With a mere 33,000 kilometers on the odometer, the Acty Truck comes with a proven record of reliable performance. Regular maintenance has been prioritized, ensuring the truck's durability and making it a dependable choice for your daily endeavors.

Versatile Design: More than just a vehicle, the Acty Truck is a versatile work companion designed to meet the demands of your everyday tasks. Its compact design facilitates easy maneuverability, whether navigating bustling city streets or transporting goods through urban landscapes.

Fuel-Efficient: Fueled by gasoline, the Acty Truck exemplifies fuel efficiency without compromising on power. Experience cost-effective journeys, making each trip an economical yet powerful venture.


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