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Honda Acty Truck SDX 5 - Speed Transmission | 1999 (33k KM)

Honda Acty Truck SDX 5 - Speed Transmission | 1999 (33k KM)

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Model / Year: 1999

Body color: White

Miles: 33,000KM

Transmission: Manual

Drive System: 2WD

Fuel: Gasoline 

The Honda Acty Truck is a compact Kei truck with 660cc SDX 2WD is a specific model within the Acty lineup, known for its practicality, fuel efficiency, and suitability for a variety of light-duty tasks. The "660cc" in the name refers to the engine displacement, which is a 660cc, three-cylinder engine ideal for city driving, offering excellent fuel economy and emission efficiency.

  • 2WD configuration: The 2WD configuration means it is a two-wheel-drive vehicle. "2WD" stands for "Two-Wheel Drive," which means that power is delivered to and utilized by two of the vehicle's wheels. In 2WD configuration, either the front wheels or the rear wheels receive the engine's power and are responsible for propelling the vehicle forward.
  • Versatility & Payload Capacity: These Honda Acty Trucks are known for their versatility and can be used in a range of applications, from construction sites to agriculture, and even for recreational purposes. The Acty Trucks are designed for carrying goods and have a surprisingly generous payload capacity for its class.

  • Fuel Efficiency & Environmental Impact: The Acty Trucks are highly fuel-efficient and an economical and environmental friendly choice for businesses and individuals looking to reduce operating costs.
  • 660cc engine: The Honda Acty Truck 660cc engine is a compact and fuel-efficient power plant commonly found in the Honda Acty Truck. This 660cc, three-cylinder engine is designed for light-duty tasks and urban driving. It's designed to meet strict emissions and efficiency standards, aligning with kei car regulations in Japan and other similar requirements in different markets.

    The 660cc engine is compact and lightweight, which helps keep the vehicle's overall weight down and contributes to its agility and maneuverability.
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