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Suzuki Super Carry Kei Truck 660CC 4WD AT- 2023 (352 KM)

Suzuki Super Carry Kei Truck 660CC 4WD AT- 2023 (352 KM)

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Model / Year: 2023

Body color: Silver

Miles: 352km

Transmission: Automatic

Drive System: 4WD

Fuel: Gasoline 

The 2023 Suzuki Carry Kei Truck is a contemporary marvel, boasting advanced features and exceptional performance. Let's delve into its updated specifications:

Efficient 660cc Engine: Powered by a smooth and efficient 660cc engine, the Carry delivers reliable performance, whether cruising on the highway or navigating city streets.

Automatic Transmission: With an automatic transmission, driving the Carry becomes effortless and intuitive. Enjoy seamless gear shifts and responsive acceleration for a comfortable ride.

4WD System with High and Low Ratio Options: Equipped with a 4WD system, the Carry offers both high and low ratio options for greater flexibility and control, perfect for conquering challenging terrains with ease.

Safety Features: Enhancing driver and passenger safety, this Carry comes equipped with airbags for both driver and passenger seats, ABS for improved braking performance, an anti-theft system, and lane assist technology.

Comfort and Convenience: Enjoy a comfortable driving experience with air conditioning, power steering, and an idling stop feature. The Carry also includes auto lights for enhanced visibility and an anti-skid device for added stability.

Mileage and Well-Maintained: With only 352 kilometers on the odometer, this Carry is practically brand new, ensuring years of reliable performance with proper maintenance.

Versatile Design: The Carry's timeless design remains true to its roots, offering simplicity and functionality without compromising on performance or efficiency.

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